A small furniture collection, a result of Teemu Perttunen’s Master thesis project for Konstfack – Building an emotional connection towards furniture – aesthetics of imperfection and helplessness. (Shorter title could be imperfection with precision).

Teemu Perttunen presented this collection at the Habitare furniture fair in Helsinki, September 2018, as part of Talent shop, where he was chosen one of four emerging Finnish designers.

Teemu Perttunen has explored how design can be used to build emotional connections with furniture. He believes that the slight imperfections and humane qualities in furniture attract a sense of empathy, affection and care. We can start seeing our furniture as our companions, things that have character and personality.

To further explore this idea, He has designed a collection of furniture with well-thought out finishing and acute attention to detail. However, in their design and proportions, there are one or two things that are not quite right, something we are not used to seeing. The furniture has also borrowed many features and proportions from babies, which we perceive to be cute and helpless and to whom we inherently feel an emotional connection. The use of imperfect forms as well as humane features as a subtle design feature allows the viewer to interact with these themes on a subconscious level. Despite the imperfection, design is based on precision, that can be achieved with the help of computer based manufacturing.

Names of the products:

Patchy chair

Pile of – candle holder

tick stool

curve – small table