ON FAIT (we do) is a pair of designers from Nantes (France) who work with artisans.

At the edge between design, art and craftsmanship, they exhibit since September 21 in the gallery MIRA their latest production “chutes de pierres” (stone’s fall), a collaboration with stonecutter Thierry Mainguet.

Their approach is simple, they value the unused materials of the workshops by combining their know-how of designers with the craftsmen’s with whom they work.

If ON FAIT exists since 2017, Olivier Pigasse and Nicolas Le Nocher collaborate in Nantes on different projects since 2011. Designers graduated at ENSCI / Les Ateliers (Paris) and the Nantes Atlantique School of Design, their complementary approaches to design, found a strong common ground when they began to synergize their know-how of designers and notions of local production, expert manual know-how, and valuation of materials.

ON FAIT is an manifest structure of their approach, and the project chutes de pierres is one of its first translations.

The chutes de pierres project was done in collaboration with one of the last stonecutter in the region of Nantes to work manually. Thierry Mainguet had expressed his inability to part with some his leftovers and his resignation to not to consider them as wastes.

Because the perimeter of a pedestal table is made of the same stone or the same precious wood, but its value is extinguished very quickly after being cut off, ON FAIT install the design in the workshops of the craftsmen, in the middle of their leftovers, to help them sublimate the remainder of their productions. To design, to produce, with the remnant of the work of these workshops, in network and with the know-how of the craftsmen, real objects whose use was not registered in their initial forms.

“Our work is to give identity to formals vocabulary that express counter-form, overage, residue, so that they inspire new uses, and to associate different know-how’s to give back all its value to the material.”

Edited for several years, supported in France by the VIA, the French Institute of Design, and other structures, Nicolas and Olivier also teach in parallel to their main activity of designers.

MIRA, which hosts the chutes de pierres / ON FAIT project in Nantes since September 2018 is a boutique, gallery and meeting place for design, graphic art and contemporary crafts.

“(…) at the fringe in-between design, craftsmanship and art, the work of ON FAIT gives life to forms and materials, with a production that opens the field of interpretations, and sublimates the material and the know-how.”